recreation staffing


Shared Facility Administration

When it comes to the administration of Amenity facilities, Innofit’s goal is seamless integration. Our services and packages are designed to combine effortlessly with existing administration, based on efficient communication and case-by-case flexibility.

Amenity Concierge

Innofit believes that for residents, Amenities are an extension of the home. Attractive, well-managed Amenities are a substantial part of what makes the condominium lifestyle so appealing. Our Amenity Concierge service ensures that these spaces are inviting, stimulating, and smoothly run, by tying all aspects of the experience together. Whatever your project size and budget, you can customize an Amenity Concierge package to suit your needs.


• PDI and Pre PDI inspections that follow the standards set forth by Tarion PDI Checklist specific to interior inspections.
• Post PDI inspections
• PDI Software with Data and Reporting features
• Customer Care Services
• Move-in Coordination Services
• General Contractor/Handyman services